Thiel Fellow

Yoonseo Kang, one of our core crew of 8 at Factor e Farm – recently received $100k to keep out of school. He won the prestigious Thiel Fellowship.

This fellowship is also known as the 20 Under 20 program – which is awarded to superstars under the age of 20 – who think that there are better things to do than to attend college. Yoonseo is now at Factor e Farm designing precision fabrication machines.

You can read more about Yoonseo in the Toronto Star. I also vlogged his 2 minute application talk.


  1. David


  2. Mark Norton

    Congratulations, YK. I’ve been following your work on the OSE Robot Arm and now the CNC Milling Machine. All good stuff. The Theil Award should allow you to stay at FeF for several years, I would think. Good Work!

  3. Chris Wall

    Yoonseo, in my opinion, there could be no better way to spend your time. Sure, school can have benefits, but it also has drawbacks (such as cost), and education is not exclusive to traditional schools. Your work at OSE is more special and has a great deal more potential global impact than attending college immediately. You are at a point in your life where you are not tied down by a job, house, or family, so it really is the perfect time to contribute to OSE.