Towards the Open Source Civilization

We wrote Towards the Open Source Civilization for the latest issue of the MIT Innovations journal – an issue on Making in America. We have introduced the concept of Distributive Enterprise for the first time in an academic publication. Read the full article on the wiki.


  1. Chris

    The “Full article on the wiki” link goes to the MIT site, where it isn’t available to non-members.

    The actual wiki page is empty.

  2. Dan Nachbar

    I think your link “full article on the wiki” erroneously points to the journal site.

  3. Cmon

    So, this article about the virtues of open source is…

    …behind a pay wall?


  4. Matthew Maier

    So…do we need to have a subscription to MIT’s journal to read it?

  5. Ben
  6. jo

    The full article seems to be not available (the link is wrong it is the same as the link to the journal)… Do you have a free, opensource version of it…?

  7. Paywall Sam

    Ironic that an article about an open source civilization is blocked behind an academic paywall.

  8. Ivan Garcia

    Thanks a lot for the article. Btw, don’t let that when you publish in research journals they take away your copyright and not allowing you freely publishing the PDF in your own blog.

    Let’s all remember

    1. Marcin

      Thanks for posting – in case the MIT Innovations Journal goes down:)

  9. Andrew Spina

    The link “article on the wiki” actually leads to the MIT website which requires a login in order to access the article. I’d like to read the article, but don’t have a subscription. Can we fix this?

  10. Ivan Garcia

    Andrew, the wiki article, actually redirecting to some Evernote article is here:

  11. Marcin