Recruiting Documentation Team

We are recruiting 6 documenters: Videographer, Communications Director, Documentation Director, CAD Director, Documentation Community Manager, and Director of Learning. See the Role Descriptions, and pass this announcement on through your networks.

This recruiting is part of a greater community of 30 that we would like to grow by the end of 2013. This is our current plan to assure progress on finishing the Global Village Construction Set – while documenting extensively – while building a real community. This requires a solid development team of lifestyle investors.

To apply for the Documentation Team, email recruiting at opensourceecology dot org with a letter of interest stating which role interests you. Then you will be provided with clear instructions on how to proceed. The application procedure starts with a 1-minute introductory video-of-interest. You may then go through a preliminary 15 minute interview with Aaron, then a second 15 minute interview with Marcin + Aaron. Then, you may be invited for a longer final interview. You will be expected to help us refine your role description as part of the interview process, specifically with respect to the other documentation team roles. This will help us form a solid team based on the specific talent that comes to the table.


I would like to make our recruiting intent clear. We are looking for lifestyle investors. We are looking for generalists – such as PhD fusion physicists willing to shovel latrines or talk to presidents – whatever may be required for the creation of a modern, post-scarcity community. However, Ph.Ds are not required – but openness to learning and constructive criticism is critical. We are nurturing an environment for accelerated learning –  via openness and open communication. We value one’s ability to express themselves, as that is critical for reaching one’s potential. I have seen that attitude is more important than aptitude – as those open to learning can gain any aptitude – while those who already know it all stump their growth and won’t be able to keep up with the rest of our rapid learning community. We are looking for people who understand the intent:  a Post-Scarcity, Autonomous, Modern, Open Source, Distributive Enterprise, Learning, Contract Community.

Please email the names of organizations or individuals that we might contact as part of our recruiting effort to recruiting at

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