Downloading and Viewing OSE’s Wiki Offline

November 25, 2019: You can now download an archive of the entire Open Source Ecology Wiki! Now our blueprints-for-a-civilization available as a file on an SD card, viewable off-grid from any off-the-shelf Android phone.

The OSE Wiki is our primary source for documentation of our work at Open Source Ecology. It is a placeholder for the blueprints of the 50 GVCS machines: their Bill of Materials, CAD files, build instructions, genealogies, etc. This is the current state of completion of the various machines:

Because our wiki is powered by MediaWiki, we are able to scrape it and store its contents to a .zim archive using Zimmer. This file can then be downloaded onto an Android phone, for example, and viewed using the FLOSS Kiwix app.

Thanks to our OSE Developer Christian Rupp for making this archive and the howto video. For more information on the process to create zim archives of our wiki, please see the Create ZIM from OSE Wiki article.

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