Filmmaker Ian Midgley visits Factor E Farm

I recently caught a ride with James Slade from Texas while filming the conclusion to my documentary on Open Source Ecology.  We tied the LifeTrac prototype 4 onto a trailer and trucked it from Creation Flame outside Austin, TX straight through the night to Factor E Farm.

Upon our arrival I filmed with major OSE contributors Marcin, James, Brianna, and Yoonseo, along with a new crew of volunteers.  The new Hab Lab is cozy and quite an upgrade for the crew living on site and the CEB workshop is ramping up productivity.  I witnessed the concurrent testing and prototyping of five projects at once within the workshop (power cube rewiring, CEB press testing, ironworker testing, torch table fabrication, CNC mill fabrication).

James has been active at Creation Flame by improving the design of the LifeTrac and supervising the fabrication of another CEB press.  I filmed the LifeTrac moving gravel and dirt back and forth across the property for an entire afternoon as the crew at Creation Flame built a new wicking bed for agriculture.  It has been impressive to see these machines now successfully put to use.

With the conclusion to the Open Source Ecology storyline in the can, it’s time to start editing this feature documentary.  Only 7 days left on our fundraiser!  We will be changing the title from the current working title after receiving a lot of feedback, and we are excited to complete this movie and further educate folks on open source culture as we launch a nation wide screening tour when editing is done.  Please support this film and Open Source Ecology by donating and sharing the link to our fundraiser:

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