D3D Pro

We now offer 2 products: D3D Pro below, and D3D Universal

How to Order the D3D Pro

We include a free Collaborative Design Webinar with the D3D Pro kit, where you can learn how to work with a team of world-changers on design that makes a difference. We teach you how to use the D3D Pro in prototyping and in collaborative design. If you would like to join a bigger effort, the webinar is a good entry point and a crash course on open source hardware. The webinar offers you an entry point where to start learning, building relationships, having meaningful fun, and you will be blown away by what you learn about the power of open collaboration. For those who are interested, the webinar is an entry point for continuing meetings for open source collaborative design, where we choose meaningful projects to work on, with the goal of designing and building viable products that can be produced in a new world of open design and Open Source Microfactories in every community. You can get involved in producing parts that we can buy from you, and you can collaborate on designing new products. We are a true effort of making change – with an open process based on open hardware technology. We offer an opportunity of a lifetime to change the world.

Whether you just want the machine, or you would like participate in the Webinar – please use the registration below. Or you can send a check in the mail to avoid transaction fees. Participation in the webinar is completely optional. You can email info at opensourceecology dot org with any questions.

D3D Pro Printer Kit

Includes full parts kit for the D3D Pro 3D printer. No soldering required. Basic tools are included. Includes the Collaborative Design Webinar. Free shipping in the USA.

D3D Pro Printer

Fully built and tested D3D Pro 3D printer, ready to print out of the box. Includes the Collaborative Design Webinar. Free shipping in the USA.

D3D Pro Features
  1. E3D Titan Aero Extruder. One of the leading industry standards, the Titan Aero is a recognized name. We add a volcano heater block for faster printing at rates up to 5 lb/day, and use 3 mm filament for better extrusion using flexible filaments.
  2. Powered by FreeCAD – give extra power to your D3D Pro by modifying its parts. We provide full part libraries for the entire design in FreeCAD, the premiere open source CAD package. You can modify parts, and print new versions readily. And – we can teach you a streamlined FreeCAD workflow in a one hour webinar.
  3. Fast, Insulated Heat Bed with PEI – We offer an insulated heatbed that saves 30% in energy cost of bed heating for eco-friendly operation. The powerful bed uses a 450 nichrome heater element, operates at 120V, heats up in less time than it takes to heat up the extruder (about 1 minute). Continuous working temperature of the heat bed is 176C. The PEI surface provides excellent adhesion, and prints are easy to take off the bed once the bed cools.
  4. Automatic Bed Leveling – using an inductive height sensor, the D3D Pro does the bed leveling for you so that the first layer attaches firmly to the print bed. No need for an involved calibration procedure – just print without doing any adjustment and the printer probes the bed at 4 points to determine the level of the bed. All you need to do is to turn a knob on the control panel until the nozzle prints exactly on the surface.
  5. Eco-Friendly – our printer features the only insulated heat bed for 30%-40% energy savings on the heat-bed, as energy efficiency is important to us. We don’t know of any other printer that uses an insulated heat bed. If you are running a print farm 24/7 in Germany (highest electricity cost in the world), one of our insulated heat bed printers saves you $100 per year if you are printing with a 100C heatbed. See 3D Printer Energy Use for our measured data.
  6. Large Heater Block and Nozzles – D3D Pro ships stock with the Volcano heater block and 1.2 nozzle for fast printing and stronger prints for prototyping and production. Also comes with 0.8 and 0.4 nozzles. We found that using 1.2 mm nozzles with 0.4 mm layer gives us excellent quality and strength and super-fast production rates.
  7. Self-replicating – print more parts and build more D3D Pro printers. The limit here is that you still have to use metal parts that you buy from the store – but you can make 1/3 of the unique parts with the printer itself.
  8. Distributive Enterprise. Our goal is to shift the world from consumerism to a maker society. And we have a clear way for you to do this: we will buy printed parts for the 3D printer from you, so you effectively become our supplier! This is an education in itself – as you will need to learn specific quality control methods so that you can guarantee to us that your parts will work. Email us for more information.
  9. OSE Lifetime Design Guarantee – We pay attention to simplicity, desing-for-repair, design-for-disassembly, and robustness. We use a 100% open source design with full documentation in FreeCAD. We use common, off-the-shelf parts in our design You can improve D3D Universal with time by modifications or tool head additions – no specially-fabricated parts or exotic components are necessary. Over time, we open source further components – such as we just did with the Universal Gearless Extruder (see D3D Universal Product Page)This means that YOU can decide how long you would like to continue using the machine, where ready replacement parts and our design-for-repair make this easy by using parts that you print, parts from a local hardware store, or from Amazon. Even if we ever go out of business, you will be able to use, maintain, and upgrade your machine.
  10. Universal Axis belt-driven design. CNC motion system for modification and scalability. Can be scaled up 100x in size and 2000x in torque-handling ability by upsizing from 8 mm prcision motion rods up to 3 inch shaft.
  11. Innovative Belt-Driven Z axis allows for fast Z motion (such as with plotter function) and makes it impossible for a crash into the bed to destroy the print surface.
  12. Easy wiring with split wire loom instead of cable chain allows easy and transparent access to wiring. This facilitates a quick machine build and ready serviceability.
  13. Uses the Universal Controller, a modular, scalable control panel. The control panel runs from a GFCI-protected on-baord outlet to mimize dangerous shocks. 120V heatbed control allows for more robust wiring and scalability of the heatbed. The panel is designed for easy modular addition of stepper drivers, making the Universal Controller usable out-of-box in higher power applications at very low cost. The modular frame, Universal Controller, and heat bed scalability allow for effective expansion of print volume to 4x4x8′ size for printing construction panels from waste plastic, which is one of our upcoming projects. We welcome you to join us in this development.
  14. LCD Screen for displaying information – keep track of print time and extruder temperature, print speed, and adjust parameters directly on the printer.
  15. Marlin Inside – uses the open source and most widely used firmware in the world – Marlin, with a great support community and decent documentation
  16. Powered by RAMPS – uses the most common 3D printer controller in the world, which is open source so you will always be able to find a replacement or make one yourself
  17. Safe Design – uses an on-board GFCI protector to eliminate the risk of severe electric shock.
  18. Product Ecology – The D3D Universal is part of a larger product ecology of machines with interchangeable parts. It can make parts for other machines.
  19. Bootstrapping to the Open Source Microfactory – As part of the OSE product ecology – we allow for easy bootstrapping. D3D Pro can be used to make all the 3D printed parts for more printers like itself. It can also be used to make all the parts for our CNC Torch Table.
  20. OSHWA Certification – we are applying for the Open Source Hardware Association certification as an official artifact of open hardware to be shared with the world.
D3D Pro Specifications

  • Print area – 8″x8″x8″
  • Energy usage – 77W for electronics, 30-150W average for heatbed for 50-178C heat bed temperature. Heat. Heat bed max power is 450W.
  • Stock nozzles – 1.2 mm. 0.8 mm and 0.4 mm are included
  • System voltage – 24V system
  • Print Surface – PEI surface, 1 mm thick
  • Firmware – Marlin
  • Controller – modular controller with GFCI outlet, with 5V/24V RAMPS 1.4 board and Reprap Discount Full Graphic Smart Controller LCD screen. Arduino is fed with 5V.
  • Untethered printing using SD card and SD card reader
  • Can use USB connection for printing
  • Slicing Software – Lulzbot Cura, or any other slicer
  • Extruder – authentic E3D Titan Aero, 3 mm, 24V extruder.
  • Heater block – E3D Volcano clone with 40W heater and 24V heater element
  • Filament – 3 mm filament
  • Built Dimensions (without filament spool holder) – approximately 18x20x20 inch (46x51x51 cm), and 28″ (71 cm) tall with spool holder
  • Weight – about 12 kg (26 lb)
  • Shipping dimensions – about 10 x 12 x 12 inch for kit, and approximately 24 x 24 x 24 inch for finished machine
  • Maximum extrusion rate – about 5 lb/24 hours
  • Motion System – belt-drive Universal Axis with 8 mm rods
  • Automatic bed leveling using an 8 mm distance sensing inductive probe that stays farther away from the print surface compared to standard 4 mm sensors.
  • Supported materials – PLA, PETG, ABS, Flexible materials, and many more that can be printed on a high temperature heated bed.
8 Reasons Why You Want a D3D Pro
  • Scalability and Modularity – Using our Universal Axis, Universal Controller, and modular frame system – you can scale up to a 3D printer of any size, and you can build many different types of CNC machines. Using the same corner pieces as D3D Pro, you can scale readily up to a printer with a 2x2x3 foot print volume. We invite you to learn collaborative design with us as we develop a large format printer for printing 4×8 foot house construction panels by mid-2020. You can now begin bootstrapping to your own Open Source Microfactory, using printing files that are provided on the included SD card. You can learn more about getting involved in our Collaborative Design Webinar.
  • Eco-Friendly Printer – We allow low energy usage while producing strong parts. D3D Pro is the only printer in the world with an insulated heat bed for 30-40% energy savings on the heated bed, which can translate up to $100-300 per year savings in energy if you are doing production.
  • Lowest unique part count of any other 3D printer brand in the world – Means more simplicity, less down-time potential, easier troubleshooting, and more ability to repair and maintain
  • High Quality Extruder – E3D has a good reputation, and we are using an E3D authentic Titan Aero. Titan Aero features performs well with flexible filaments, and can even be upgraded effortlessly to the Supervolcano 80W heater block for extrusion rates up to 20 lb of material per day.
  • Fast print speeds with large heater block and large nozzle – This is afforded by the stock volcano heater block, and we will be designing a larger heater block in the future so we can print rubber tires and tracks for our open source tractors.
  • OSE lifetime design guarantee – You get to decide the lifetime your machine. Breakage, costly or impossible repairs, lack of parts, or lack of support do not play a role in determining the useful lifetime of this product.
  • Great community support – By using the popular Marlin, RAMPS, Cura, and FreeCAD software – we are benefitting from large user communities for support. This is quite the opposite of highly custom products that can be supported only by specially-trained and dedicated staff, which may disappear if a company goes out of business. Not only can you get support from the community – but also you can help the commuinty. You are invited to join our open source product development effort for distributing Open Source Microfactories far and wide – where we can teach you the design skills and collaborative literacy to be an effective contributor.
  • Open Source Manufacturing – We are serious about open source production and Distributive Enterprise. We can train you to produce 3D printed parts for D3D Pro for us – using this very same D3D Pro printer. If you learn our distributed quality control procedures – we can certify you to be an authorized part supplier – and we will buy parts from you at the same full-accounting cost that it would take us to produce the parts in house. We are interested in win-win situations where open source economics become a de-facto standard – just like open source software has now become a de-facto standard. You can help us get there. We can also train you to produce the 3D printers themselves – either independently or certified under the OSE brand. Email info at opensourceecology dot org to get started.
  • Joining a project to change the world – This is part of a continuing and ongoing open source product development effort to create a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. By getting your own D3D printer, you are effectively joining a design community with a vision to change the world with open source hardware. You are not only joining a community – you are also joining a movement.