We are offering workshops at Factor e Farm and also at other sites in North America.

OSE workshops are intended to provide you with immersion, hands-on training in practical skills – so you can Build Yourself – and thereby build the world around you. The goal is to lay to rest the myth of technology – to tame technology so that it truly serves human needs – as opposed to humans serving the needs of technology. The way to such mastery, autonomy, and purpose is lowering the barriers to understanding and hacking the technosphere around us – unleashing both information and raw horsepower – ecologically and regeneratively.

Upcoming Workshops

CEB Microhouse Build in Belize – February 2020

OSE is doing its first major build outside the USA – a CEB MicroHouse Build in Belize – a 5 day Extreme Build event. This is immersion, vacation, and service. We’re working on making microhouse builds highly replicable and super efficient, both in the US and abroad. – More Info


Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp – March 14-17, 2020

OSE is now expanding its Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp to 4 locations collaborating at the same time. Build your own 3D printer, CNC plotter, Raspberry Pi Tablet, and more – in just 4 immersive days – and shatter your limits of what you think is possible. Now in New Zealand and the United States.– More Info


Summer of Extreme Design-Build 2020

Ever wish you could build something but you did not know where to start? Well, you are 30 days away from an immersion hands-on experience of building your world that will shatter any limitations you may have on this issue. You just may possibly get more diverse, hands-on, design-build skills over this summer than you would normally get over a lifetime, as you shift your mindset further from observer to builder of the world around you… – More Info


Past Workshops

About the Workshops

The general goal of OSE workshops is reskilling civilization on its forthcoming transition from consumer culture to unleashed human creativity. We hope that in the future, people will look at the century of consumer culture as the ‘dark ages of the digital age’ – superseded by a return to efficient, distributed production – and enlightened by individuals who have regained their autonomy in a pursuit of mastery, with life-giving purpose.

While that is a tall order for our 3-day immersion workshops – our aspiration is to show any participant that they have more productive power in their hands than they ever thought possible.

Some of the goals that we are aiming to achieve with the help of workshop participants:

  • Build of a heavy machine in a single day using OSE’s innovative collaborative swarming build techniques – where you are an essential part of the build team.
  • Showing to the world that this social production model makes sense both economically and socially – and that the model has a chance of being replicated virally.
  • Producing definitive documentation: language agnostic instructionals are being generated for and refined during the workshop for making replication easy.
  • Producing definitive design files – from full CAD models to digital fabrication files that allows you or any custom fabricator to build the machine, delivering the promise of digital fabrication for just about any product. See Full Printed.
  • Paper copy of a manual – we develop and use templates for documentation manuals so that we can produce high quality instructionals with excellent information architecture. Whenever time allows and people sign up for the documentation track, we produce documentation in addition to the hands-on work.