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Velocar – the Open Source Tilting Microcar

We are collaborating with Yann Lischetti – developer of an open source, tilting, electric Microcar. See his latest progress. The site is

OSE Lasersaur Build and Documentation Sprint Update

The OSE Lasersaur build of the open source, 100 Watt laser cutter is going well – see intro in last post. We have so far uploaded a few instructionals on Dozuki – The instructionals were generated in real-time from picture and step uploads...

OSE Lasersaur Build + Documentation Sprint

I am now in Innsbruck, Austria, at Nortd LabsĀ for OSE’s build of a Lasersaur, an open source, 100W laser cutter operated by wireless control from any browser. We will use the laser cutter for rapid prototyping at Factor e Farm, and we intend to...