About : Corporate

Open Source Ecology is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Missouri, USA. Our strategy is to develop education and research for the common good. Our goal is open enterprise, so we develop, test, and publish open business models. The nonprofit sector allows us to generate revenue from related product sales – which are used to test our innovative production models – while allowing us to capture donations and foundation funding to accelerate our development. As such, we see ourselves as a hybrid organization.

In September 2013, OSE attained 501(c)3 determination from the IRS. OSE is also tax-exempt for Missouri state tax under its Missouri Tax ID, 22098241.

In the open source world, a trademark is useful in protecting an entity’s identity from being co-opted or misused by individuals or groups who are not congruent with the founding mission. For this reason, Open Source Ecology has applied for and received a trademark on its name from the US Trademark and Patent Office.

OSE also has state tax exemption in the State of Missouri. You can download our state tax exemption document from the Department of Revenue below.