Getting Involved in 2020

We are getting ready for ambitious plans post-COVID 19. Next year we are releasing the Seed Eco-Home as a turnkey product that you can build with a friend in one week – for US$50k. And as I say, that is only the beginning.

You can sign up for announcements on the Seed Eco-Home release progress at the Seed Eco-Home Interest List. You can participate in a large collaborative hackathon for product release – or you can order a turnkey kit after product release.

The Seed Home is a product designed to solve housing by providing effective and low cost, reconfigurable, Incremental Housing solutions in infill or large-scale developments up to 3 floors high, either for owner-builders or those who want to start a construction business. We are solving for access to housing, which in its deeper sense involves upskilling that allows for more people to have economic access. We start with access to housing that can be build in the most efficient and effective manner – by using an open and collaborative development model intended to change human economic history.

There are many other ways to get involved:


  1. Join the OSE Workshops FB Group
  2. Sign up for our monthly newsletterOSEmail
  3.  Donate to OSE. We are a 501(c)3 education organization.
  4. Open Building Institute
  5. Open Source Ecology – Germany
  6. YouTube Channel
  7. Follow OSE on Twitter
  8. Request a workshop to be held in a location near you – [1]

Start an OSE Chapter

  1. Formal OSE Chapters are the deepest way that anyone can get involved in OSE work. We are announcing this possibility starting July 2020 – and this is an ambitious initiative intended to select for a deeper level of commitment to address the continuity issues of a volunteer-based organization. The procedure at this point is to take a 1 year full time or 2 year part time immersion program and start an official OSE Chapter in another location, outside of OSE International in Missouri, USA. Chapters are funded by programmatic revenue (workshops, STEAM Camps, machine builds and sales such as the 3D printer), spend 50% of their time on further research and development to bring the GVCS to completion by 2028. See more at OSE Mentorship and apply.


  1. Participate in our workshops and programs. Put yourself on our interest map, and if we have anough people in a location, we can organize a workshop near that location.
  2. Be part of our Tech Team: become an OSE_Developer. Take a look at our Current Projects to see what is under active development – and then join an active project.
  3. Join us for periodic Design Sprints where we do large-scale collaborative development. The way it works: we define a collaboration architecture for an ambitious goal, and recruit subject matter experts (SMEs) with relevant skills to collaborate. SME areas cover technical development, documentation, enterprise development, and more.
  4. Create a Wiki Account
  5. Build our machines. You can see the current State of Completion, and pick machines for replication from our growing menu of product releases.
  6. Produce Parts for OSE. We currently make and sell the OSE line of 3D printers. We are looking for people to print parts for us using our machines. In addition, we are looking for open source suppliers of electronics, power supplies, metal, and other components that go into the 3D printer – with the caveat that the parts are produced using fully open source, DIN SPEC 3105-compliant toolchains. This means we are actively working on bringing production back everywhere in the world.

Build Community

  1. OSE Meetups – start a meetup in your town and work towards completion of the Global Village Construction Set by developing derivative products that lead to the Open Source Economy.
  2. OSE_Clubs Collaboration – Start an OSE Club – Get students involved in large-scale collaboration by turning class time into global collaboration time. See
  3. Open Source Ecology Classroom Initiative – turn your classroom into a hotspot of global collaboration.
  4. OSE_Chapters_at_Universities – begin developing the open source economy while you are in college. Coming 2021 – Extreme U
  5. OSE_National_Chapters – regional and national chapters
  6. OSE_Incentive_Challenge – annual grand event
  7. Do you know any Subject Matter Experts who could help provide expertise? Help us with our SME Search.


  1. Buy our products. 100% of our proceeds go to a nonprofit cause to change the world.
  2. Sign up for our workshops. Get exposed to Extreme Manufacturing swarm-based builds.
  3. Subscribe to support this work financially as a True Fan
  4. Donate to OSE. We are a 501(c)3 education organization.

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