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It is an interesting convergence – lumber prices shooting through the roof – and Compressed Earth Block being some of the most robust building material known to humankind. After all, the Smithsonian did claim that sophisticated buildings will be made of mud. As such, we’re returning to CEB construction as part of the Seed Eco-Home project – AND building an industrial grade sawmill this summer. The CEB press and the sawmill are 2 important machines in the Global Village Construction Set. Making construction materials is necessary for cost control as we deploy our 1000 square foot house that can be built for $50k in materials. Our goal is to reduce this cost to 1/5 of this with 3D printing of construction materials from waste plastic – by developing open source plasic recycling as part of’ the ambitious Summer of Extreme Design-Build 2021.

If you want to order a CEB press, we can produce a fully automated version that makes at least 6 block per minute for $10k, or you can build one yourself for about half that in materials cost. This machine requires a hydraulic power unit to run, such as a tractor or our Power Cube. We sell Power Cubes for $4k (2500 PSI, 10 gpm). To order our Compressed Earth Block press – see more information on our wiki and email us at info at opensourceecology dot org to order one.

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