Reviewing OSE Strategic Plan

My name is Aaron Makaruk, and I am the Director of Development for Open Source Ecology. I recently gave a speech representing OSE at a TEDx event, and I’d like to invite you to watch the video:

Strategic Plan

We are preparing a strategic plan, and we would like to ask each of you to read and comment on it. Since our work is full-spectrum, review is a crucial part of making sure that we are doing the many things that we do as well as we can. Your comments will be publicly viewable, and they will help inform our final publication.

Open Source Ecology – Strategic Plan – Review Draft – click to view and make comments. If you are a graphic designer and would like to help us design the final publication, please email aaron at opensourceecology dot org.


  1. AC

    You have a really interesting project – the GVCS tools are really intriguing.

    It might be useful to look at tools from, say 100 years ago, or so. Perhaps from museums, or even old Sears catalogs – for ideas.

    I’d live to see a multi use treadle-powered engine – for a lathe/bracket saw/etc., for example.

  2. bernhard heidt

    eigentlich fehlt Ihnen noch eine hilfreiche Übersetzung Ihrer Beiträge in die deutsche Sprache – kann ich Ihnen dabei helfen?
    (Allerdings kenne ich nicht die genauen Fachbegriffe für die verwendeten Geräte?)

  3. Doug Lumley

    Kudos, you alluded to permaculture,and Blume at would agree. Integral to a village is commerce, food and energy. Possibly an alcohol still for energy would be part of the kit. For food spirulina is an optimum source, thus an automated stirring spirulina tank could be added as well. To top off suggestions a metality of ready hands on people would be perpetuated by a Montessori education in the village throughout the age spectrum of the children.