Towards the Open Source Economy – Presentation at the Bioneers East Conference

I have spoken recently at the Bioneers East Conference – Connecting for Change – in New Bedford, Massachusetts – evolving the messaging from the Global Village Construction Set to the creation of the open source economy. See for yourself:



I found a supportive atmosphere of changemakers – more earthy than the typical digital crowds of open source. The open source ethic was deep in most people, and the overall atmosphere was refreshing.


  1. David

    Marcin, you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize (if it hadn’t be descredited for granting it to Obama/UE).

  2. Pablo OK

    Folks: Today subtitled this video in english (we’ll make the spanish translation in the following days), though, amara subtitles seem to not be working. Perhaps you may want to upload them to youtube directly? tell me if you want the .srt file.

  3. Roey

    I would like to come and visit the Factor E Farm on December 16th,2012 to discuss replicating your work in Uganda where I am based. I believe that is a saturday.

    1. Marcin
  4. David

    @Pablo OK,

    could you please send mi the srt. file with the english transcription? I would like to make a polish translation.

  5. Pablo OK

    Davidoski: Done! Enjoy.
    I find it really useful to take advantage of google translator toolkit.

  6. David

    Thanks! Translation in progress.