First Installment – OSEmail

We have begun writing a biweekly newsletter. While the blog posts tend to cover specific topics in depth, our newsletter aims to paint a broader update about our projects, partnerships, and other news about happenings at Factor e Farm in collaboration with the greater global community. We just published our first issue. You can sign up to the OSEmail list,, you can view the issues at this link or by clicking the sample image below. A log of OSEmail back issues will also be kept.

Please pass this on to your friends.


  1. Simon

    It would be great if you could have a text-only version of the email for those of us that don’t like/can’t read html emails.


  2. Christopher Covington

    I would highly encourage you to rethink this idea. Your blog has RSS feeds. Your blog is easily indexed by search engines. Your blog has social media (Reddit this article) integration. Your blog is open source software. Your blog is the perfect medium to on which to paint broad updates about your projects, partnerships, and other news. I’m very interested in following your progress and sharing the updates with others, and the OSEmail does not seem like a convenient way to do that. Will this ugly URL even stick around?

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