My First Day of Independence

Hello. My name is Morwa. I’m the black baby wether of the Factor e Farm family. I was born on the fourth of July, or thereabouts. I’m your pop political observer of the obvious. This is my first Day of Independence.

America has come far since the beginning – to degradation. Ideals of freedom and happiness gradually turned into: a huge standing army; a bureaucrat behind every tree; taxation without representation; funny money; general lack of self-reliance; public education; alienation for compensation; a place where everything is for sale; and others. The Founding Fathers would roll in their graves about all this.

Then again, this great place of excess still offers the environment for unbridled creativity, and a rich negotiating ground for the good old fight of good versus evil. I’m here sitting on land – ready to make the peer-to-peer economy happen. What are your out-box-thoughts?


  1. Citizen

    This appears to be one smart Goat with a dexterity of appendages that is amazing to think about. May she/he always be free, unfettered by fences/boundaries physical(electric or woven wire) or phsycological(fear).

  2. Richard

    Hey morwa, remember me? I fed you all that clover? Hope all goes well. I suggest you read Prodhoun’s “General Idea of the Revolution in the 19th century” , specifically the 5th and 6th studies. He was a contemporary of some of our “forefathers” who had some more just ideas about governance and economic organisation. Society by contract, anyone?

    Enjoy the meadow. Try not to get your head stuck in the fence like your friend!