Summer Heat

We are in a backlog for Factor e Live documentation and updates in general. It’s a busy time – so here is a few notes. I shook the cobwebs off the CEB press, and our team is doing 3D and finite element analysis modeling.

We are days from finishing the LifeTrac open source tractor to power the CEB machine. The engine, muffler, air filter are mounted.

We are working on solar panels – in two weeks we’ll be 100% solar electric.

The open source solar turbine project is taking shape for building the collector here on August 15 – with heat engine still to determined for electrical generation. Ronny visited us – he’s now at the Glass Center for Sustainable Community. I am particularly delighted – because Ronny is one of those few without debt who jump into the uncompromising life of living on the land as change agent. Also, Richard is setting up a branch of OSE Mid-Missouri as a student organization at U. Columbia, Missouri. We’ll have college kids learn How to Build a Village. Plus, the family visited – and brother Andy will be doing a guest installment of Factor e Live from his visit. All in all in all, this is the heat of the summer, buildings will sprout like mushrooms here out of the earth – and the seeds of advanced culture on a small scale are being sown.


  1. Solus

    Great work! What you’re doing is very inspiring!

  2. Candee R

    Very observant post. Keep up the good work!