Factor e Live – Part 3

This installment of Factor e Live focuses on LifeTrac – the open source, life-time, design-for-disassembly articulating multipurpose tractor/loader. It is the key to powering the CEB Press, permacultural operations, as well as: well-drilling, sawmilling, powering the Multimachine, power generation, tree planting, back-hoe work, hay baling, combining, and other tasks too numerous to mention. LifeTrac is perhaps the most important tool in our operation – and is highly relevant to any land stewardship operation.

I am counting down the days until the tractor is finished – so we can begin our CEB construction.

LifeTrac was mentioned on Jeff Vail’s Rhizome within the context of decentralized production systems. Check out my personal fabrication story for yourself:


  1. […] showed the construction of our open source tractor frame in Factor e Live Part 3. Here we show LifeTrac running under the power of its own […]