June 14 Update

Here is a quick summary of the state of affairs:

This does not include the flurry of recruiting that we are working on – 6 documenters for the second half of 2012, as introduced in the last post.

We also just shipped the tractor – brick press – soil pulverizer to an early adopter in Colorado. That felt good.


For more constant updates, we encourage you to see the Flashy XM page (under development) on the wiki, which has several new YouTube videos each day, and completed tasks are listed continuously.

Other than this, we look forward to regular, quality updates once Blogger, Videographer, Director of Learning, Community Manager, CAD Director, and Documentation Director are recruited. Overwhelming progress. We are now 8 people on site – Gabrielle, Yoonseo, Brianna, Aidan, Chris, Marcin, Darren, and Graham. I’m off to TED Global on Thursday – my hopes of me doing regular reporting are dashed – but we do promise the next level of communications come August 1 – with our team of 6 documenters on site. The growth is frustrating and difficult for me – but that is just a part of growing pains on an exploding project.

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