True Fans Video Introductions

Adam Mitchell, one of our new True Fans, will be joining us at Factor e Farm for a one month Dedicated Project Visit on October 18. At that time, we’ll be towards the end of CEB construction, and we will also be working on developing our True Fans and supporters network. We are discussing ways to get our True Fans more involved. Check out Adam’s comments on his vision for collaboration:

True Fan Introduction from Adam Mitchell on Vimeo.

As the Truest of Fans, here is my own introduction. It’s a decent and juicy overview of ongoing work, and there are some personal comments as well.

Marcin’s Personal Introduction to the True Fans from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

Who will be the next True Fan or or other respondent – to do a video response, to introduce themselves, or to pump in some inspiring comments? We will gladly consider blogging your video if appropriate.


  1. Miquel

    Nice Video Intros, a good way to for other people to learn the motivations the True Fans have.

    I would advise against the intros becoming too long though. I guess Marcin couldn’t help but get carried away 😉

  2. LucasG

    No video yet, but I’ve cooked a blog entry in Spanish. Let’s see if someone comes around as a True Fan.

    btw, if we are at 125 or so, then we need 3 further duplications, to get to 250, 500 and 1000. Might be doable in a number of months, or maybe not. But we can try, maybe after each consolidation.

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