Crowd Funding Update

Here is an update on the crowd funding. The LifeTrac Completion and PowerCube Prototype II funding baskets are filled. The Liberator and Soil Pulverizer Prototype II baskets are still low. On August 18, with less than a week to go, we’re at $1795 of $4700 – or at 38% of our goal.  We were at $1175 after 4 days of beginnining this campaign. We can still pull off some magic.

We need to fill these baskets to be able to pursue our building adventures of this year. The way we look at it – this year’s building adventures will serve to demonstrate the feasibility of building high-quality, scalable, low-cost accommodations. We want to be able to accommodate up to 12 Dedicated Project Visitors and full-time participants by next year – which is key to our plan for upgrading operations along the lines of scalable, open source product development. So chip in. If we don’t get the resources in time, that means that we’ll just have to spend more time soliciting donations from friends and supporters.

Yesterday we had a photo shoot on the 150 ton hole puncher – which is getting published in Make Magazine.


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  2. Jeb Bateman

    I liked the idea of selling copies of the liberator to raise funds. Would one or two sales cover the parts to make two or three copies at the same time? Maybe we could ask True Fans to post an add for the Liberator in their local Craigslist. If the buyers weren’t willing to put up money in advance for fabrication on demand (most people prefer to trade money for goods at the same time), True Fans might be able to find ways to finance and broker the sale themselves, marking it up enough to cover the financing fees and their time involved in the deal. What do you think?

    1. Marcin

      Good ideas. Yes, selling one copy would allow us to build 2 machines. Who’s willing to help market?

      We are getting an article coming out in MAKE magazine on the product release of The Liberator. We really need to come up with a marketing strategy. We’re open to specific ideas. We are just so busy with 2 people here that we never did give this marketing issue proper attention yet. This is a good topic for remote collaboration, it just has to be organized.

  3. silver

    hey, i think the whole point of making others aware of this work is not at all about presentation (or not foremost), but about visibility. many many people would visit this site regularily if they knew about it. the word should be spread!

    (i am astonished by your work.)

    1. Marcin

      Silver, how can you help in this task?