100 True Fans Reached

We are pleased to announce that we have reached 100 True Fans in our 1000 True Fans – 1000 Global Villages campaign. Are we at a tipping point, thanks to all of the support we have been getting? You can read some testimonials from existing True Fans here.

We are working on a 2-minute Explainer Video for the Global Village Construction Set – for purposes of recruiting more True Fans, for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge application, for Kickstarter, and for a general purpose media blitz in the near future. There has been an increasing number of quality collaboration offers, so things are clearly picking up. There are exciting updates on the ground as well, as in the last post.

We would like to announce our True Fans Doubling Campaign. We would like to double our True Fans support base within 30 days.

To achieve this – we are asking each of our True Fans to commit 1 hour of time to this task over the next 30 days.¬† We’re asking all of our audiences to do the same. Please talk to your friends¬† – and invite them to subscribe to the True Fans. We can double our population if only 100 people succeed in pulling in a friend. A web search of people blogging about our work may also be a good place to find supporters. We have two related pages on the wiki: Links to Our Work, and In the News – so feel free to put up other links there as well.

We have also had demand for True Fans membership at a higher rate of support than the basic $10/month subscription. As such, we are introducing the True Fans Gold and True Fans Platinum subscriptions – at $20 and $50 per month, respectively. We will be counting these as 2 and 5 True Fans equivalents in our tally of True Fan numbers. This subscription button is featured here on the blog for the first time – with all the three choices – and you can also go to the Support page on the wiki.

Subscription Options

Here is a graph of our True Fan numbers. The recent increase is noteworthy. Will this increase be temporary, or are we going to continue climbing?

Help us by passing this on to your friends and telling them more about us.

The reality is – we can easily handle, responsibly, budgets of about $10k within our existing infrastructure. Right now we are at $1.5-$3k budgets per month. The entire cost of developing the GVCS is about $2 million. $10k/month implies 10 years to finish. Our near term (within 2 years) goal is budgets of $100k per month. These are the realistic figures of what’s required. For the potential world-changing effects – this is peanuts. Once the GVCS package is in effect, the next phase involves negotiating socio-political consequences.


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  2. Marcin

    One day after the blog post we are already up to a count of 106 True Fans! We have had our first Gold and Platinum subscription upgrades already. At this rate, we are well on our way to doubling within a month. Thank you all for your amazing support!

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  5. Nick

    I have just become a true friend.
    I am not sure what this entails but I really like what I have seen from
    your community and website.
    I must admit, I am hoping all works out well because I hope that
    my family, friends and neighbors wil be able to benefit from your great concept(s).
    I am hoping for your success.