VIDEO: The (Open-Source) Ecologist

News 21 from Berkeley, California visited Factor e Farm a few weeks back. They are currently producing The Ration, a food and health reporting project by UC Berkeley School of Journalism. Factor e Farm is the first feature in this series. This is an impressively well done 9 minute piece. Thanks, News 21.

Trailer to The Ration:

News21 | TheRation Trailer from News21 Berkeley 2011 on Vimeo.

The (Open-Source) Ecologist:

The (Open-Source) Ecologist from News21 Berkeley 2011 on Vimeo.



  1. anon

    This is very well done, awesome. Yes thank you News 21.

  2. Kelly Schutt

    Awesome project and vision. I just became a true fan.

    As middle and working classes are hit with increasing costs of living, social problems, and environmental issues, OSE communities will naturally grow. The key to change is making old way of doing things obsolete. When localized self sufficiency provides an increased standard of living over the centralized/industrial 40 hour work week, people all over the world will flock to it.

    Looking forward to contributing more to this project!

  3. Will Cleaver


  4. David Crary

    Wow, awesome video. Fascinating look to see the factor efarm up close and personal. Marcin you are a great speaker and ambassador of this vision and project. I am a true fan til the end. Lets keep them rolling in… who ya! *Bull whip snapping

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  6. Miquel

    Hey! I didn’t know you got flooded in the literal sense and lost three laptops. Sounds pretty bad!

    The video was high quality, though somehow they didn’t manage to show much in those minutes. I guess it was the style, close and personal 😉