Recruiting Fabrication Manager

I have pointed out two posts ago that we are recruiting a Fabrication Manager for Factor e Farm. This is our highest current priority. That will allow me to delegate the on-site production management duties as I move on to higher-level tasks. The context is finishing this big, hairy, audacious goal – going through 3 prototype iterations of the 50 GVCS technologies by 2013.

In particular – our construction plans rely on the equipment that we are currently building, so equipment build-out is to be completed by September 15. Then we have Sep. 15- Nov. 1 for construction – two parallel teams building the OSE Workshop and living units.

The Fabrication Manager is key to further equipment buildout. I’ve so far posted in Kansas City and London Craigslists, and tweeted about it @OSEcology. Help us find a Fabrication Manager by posting on your channels – see job description announcement on our blog or on Craigslist in Kansas City.


Fig. Power Cube 4 without engine – working beta release after one week of field testing. Simplified design for frame and pump/motor alignment. Sketchup version is dimensionally correct.






  1. The planet.
  2. Allen

    Is this a paid position that you’re recruiting for?

    Your requirements are pretty high, the odds of attracting someone capable of filling those shoes will probably go up substantially if it wasn’t a volunteer position, because folks already with those skills are probably also embroiled with other mundane responsibility that requires monetary income.

    1. Marcin

      That depends on the experience level and alignment of the individual with our goals.

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  4. Miquel

    @Allen: as Marcin stated in his previous posts, only full-time volunteers guarantee a certain degree of commitment and alignment with OSE’s core values.
    We feel that this is the only way to attract people who are truly committed to the depth of our mission – as opposed to those who are getting paid to do the work.

    1. Marcin

      When we talk about ‘full time’, that refers to people on site at Factor e Farm. Because of our limited resources and short timeframe, we are calling for full time people on site to meet the demands of the Rollout Plan. Naturally, there are many part time contributors to the project working off-site, such as Ryan Lutz on documentation.

  5. Christopher Cota

    Are you looking for a Project manager or a Fabrication Pro with managment skills?

    I can be reached via e-mail cc: to OR phone 408.800.1044

    Best Regards,

    Chris Cota

  6. Bryan Deans

    I am interested in your program would be able to fill either position you have posted would be interested in speaking with you …David Bartechi of village earth thought i should open a dialog with you as i have been doing much the same work for some time on the pine ridge Reservation perhaps we can collaborate ? or just share some ideas ….

    I can be reached at 605 867 1867 evenings or 605 441 6882 cell i am also on face book picture of me roping a horse

    Bryan Deans