Seeking Microhouse Client in the Southern USA

We have built the first prototype of the Microhouse at Factor e Farm, and we would like to build more of these as we build out our infrastructure in 2014. We are increasing our capacity to host people, such as university student internships and Dedicated Project Visits (DPVs). It is easy to recruit DPVs for the summer, but we also think that we can keep the house full year round.

Since it will be winter here for the next 4 months, we will take up the next build at Factor e Farm around April 1. For now, we would like to continue building microhouses. We are interested in developing a workshop model for their construction, similar to the Permaculture Design Course model and natural building workshops, where workshop participants pay for a hands-on, educational experience. As such, we are seeking a host for our first Microhouse Build Workshop – for a tentative date of January 15, 2014. The host is the person at whose property the Microhouse will be built. If you want a copy of the Microhouse or a modified version, please get in touch with me at architecture at Here is the announcement – please circulate.

Announcing OSE’s First Microhouse Building Workshop – Call for a Host.

Are you interested in being part of the cutting-edge, open-source, sustainability movement?

Do you have a place to build your own home, but just aren’t sure exactly how to get started?

Are you interested in providing the opportunity for empowering others while at the same time building your own infrastructure?

Open Source Ecology is creating ways for people to empower themselves to create the things they need, like housing. We can help you begin manifesting your dreams while you help us teach others how to do the same.

    During our 7-day Microhouse 101 workshop, our Architectural Lead and Construction Manager will guide you and a team of workshop participants through the basic build of the Microhouse. At the workshop’s conclusion, most of the work on your Microhouse will be finished! We leave some of the finish work in your hands… but we can also encourage and help build the excitement and connections for some of the workshop participants to stay on-board with you to help complete the finish details. This is not an uncommon arrangement for natural building workshops.

    It is possible for a group of inexperienced builders to come together and create something beautiful. All that’s needed is a robust design and proper leadership, and our prototype process has proven wildly successful. We are taking the successful experience of Microhouse 1 build and structuring it as an educational workshop. We train and lead a group of workshop participants to build your Microhouse. You, as a host, provide camping and food for attendees, and pay for the materials and consumables for construction.
    Together, we can spread empowerment to others and build beautiful homes at the same time.

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Contact for more details.


  1. Eleanor Hiteshew

    Can you give a ballpark estimate of materials costs? I may have a candidate for the workshop.

    1. Christopher Reinhart

      Hi Eleanor! I know we talked last fall, but I wanted to let you know that the materials cost for MH 1 was roughly $13,000. Hope you’re well!

  2. Jackie Dragon

    Hi there. We have a 165 yoga retreat center and have hosted some natural building workshops. We would love to be considered for your SoCal retreat in January. Fee free to contact me via email or call me at


  3. Daniel

    It would be really nice to be able to see inside the house, are there any pics of this?

    1. Christopher Reinhart

      Daniel, you can see photos of the interior of the MicroHouse in this album on Facebook: