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Prototyping and production at Factor e Farm will be a core aspect of the GVCS Rollout Plan. At the same time, nonprofit sector donations can help. Robert Anteau, an American settled in Denmark, is taking the leadership to incorporate OSE Europe Foundation, in order to assist the completion of the 50 GVCS machines by year-end 2012. Until then, the focus of OSE Europe Foundation will be  funding the development of the core deliverables of OSE.

Hello to all of the OSE Europe people,

My name for those of you who do not know me is Robert Anteau and I would like to do two things;

  • Firstly to explain the legal construction and why its being set up like it is.
  • Secondly is to explain the objectives during the start up phase

I will start with the construction. What I am doing is setting up a foundation according to the Dutch and EU laws and regulations. It will of course be set up as a non-profit foundation with a formal registration with the chamber of commerce. This way it can apply for governement related grants, have its own bank account, have tax free status, accept IDEAL payments, just to name a few things. After several years we can even apply for the NGO seal of approval demonstrating that we are a trustworthy organization. It is time to formalize what we have.

In the start up phase it is of the utmost importance that we concentrate as much of our energies as possible to completing the GVCS according to the planning as laid out by Marcin. This will seem a little single minded initially but is the only real way to make the great leap forward. It will also greatly increase the success rate of any other activities that we as the OSE try to achieve.

I would like to call on everyone to concentrate there efforts on the GVCS 50 at the expense of any other activities at least for the next 6 months. We can still discuss these, and of course we should always think about what our next step would be. We need to really push hard on those activities that generate funds that can be used to advance the cause for the forseeable future as well.

Best Regards,
Robert Anteau

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  1. denis

    Hello Robert.
    I would like more precision on how this foundation will work.
    Part of us are trying to create a comunity, to try to help developing the GVCS tools. I would like to help finding funds, but i would like to know how this fundation would work, who is going to have the possibility to use the money, who is deciding that, to whom the institutions that want to help are going to give money, how they can do that etc..
    Thanks for helping