Enterprise Replication

Currently, there are 3 independent efforts to replicate production of CEB Presses, tractors, and Power Cubes. Brianna is one of them. See her log from Factor e Farm. These are the beginnings of distributive enterprise playing out, towards distributive enterprise as the world’s next trillion dollar industry within 5 years.
Hello, I’m Brianna Kufa, an ambitious 20 year old architectural engineering student and
fabricator from San Diego, here to describe my experience with OSE, the business I plan on launching with OSE technology, and how I plan on contributing more to the project.


I discovered OSE thru Marcin’s TED talk and knew right away it was something I had to be a part of. So, I went the Factor E Farm for a couple of months and I built brick presses. I built, day and night, hour after hour, week after week. I worked almost constantly, until the presses were done, 4 days after I was initially planning on leaving. I was in love with the work. And when I was too physically exhausted to be in the shop, I worked on the documentation on the wiki. I came to realize that my life would not be complete or balanced without similar mentally stimulating, yet physically challenging work.

Consequently, this spring, after the field testing of the “Christmas gift to the world” machines, I plan on taking a couple of years off of school to manufacture CEB presses and  to prototype for OSE. The constant inquiries to Marcin regarding purchasing brick presses made me realize how much demand there is for them, with no fabricators to satisfy it. Few people are in as good of a position as me to do so; my grandfather owns an impressive steel fabrication shop in San Diego (Enniss Inc. , which has been gradually shrinking from lack of jobs. The manufacturing of GVCS equipment could revitalize the business and give me a way of earning more money to pay for school while still doing
something I love. On top of that, it will contribute to the number of people using GVCS equipment. I plan on returning 10% or more of the profit from this to OSE for the development of the other technologies.

On top of manufacturing, my family business is also going to be prototyping for OSE. My
grandfather has immense experience in designing and creating his own machines, from arbor presses, to cranes, to hay bale compressors, to an industrial irrigation pipe layer. This skill has given us a chance to work on some really high profile jobs (such as building UCLA’s law library) and now it will give us a chance to do work on a global scale. We plan on prototyping the Ironworker, the Baler, and the Well Rig.

I’m currently working on the design for the Ironworker, and plan on designing a backhoe next. My first couple of years in school gave me the foundation necessary to do so. I plan on returning to Factor e Farm early next year to work part time on prototyping there. I’m going to be living part time there, and part time in San Diego helping to run the fabrication shop. In the meantime, I’m finishing up this quarter at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and finishing the CEB documentation.


  1. anon

    This is really cool, it’d be especially awesome if you prove there really is a demand for CEB presses and turn it into a stable income stream, that would really get people thinking.

    I’m wondering, when you get round to building CEB presses, will you also be sending out documentation with them to show others how to replicate them or at least advertise OSE so people explore for themselves.

  2. DreamBuilder

    I think it that this a wonderful example how this generation (without as many previous gender issues?) can give Brianna the possibility to follow up in the family construction/ fabrication business. The future needs a new positive push by the get up and “do”. The replication of GVCS could be a major part of the family and regional business. I wish you all the very best on being here at the begin of a new era.
    Local production. Getting in early is important; look at Victory Gasworks where Ben is exporting!
    Good Luck Brianna.

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