Jeff’s Experience and Other Visits

Jeff Budderer of One Village Foundation and Andrius Kulikauskas of Minciu Sodas Laboratory visited us at Factor E Farm a few days ago. Here is Jeff’s writing on his experience:

Jeff’s comments prior to the trip are found here.

Now here is an urban version of what we are pursuing, pointed out by Vinay. It is a 1/10 of an acre urban plot in Pasadena, and thriving with plants, animals, biodiesel production, solar cooking, solar panels, earthen oven, and others:  They also feature a quality video about their work on their site.

We have been at Factor E for 1 year. The Pasadena example is what happens when you continue at the process. I would like to visit them myself.

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  1. Lucas

    Here in the Canaries we’re in the process of starting to document the work of a number of permaculture practitioners, and there’s some movement for said thing regarding permaculturer practitioners in general. See

    Maybe permaculture students could flock around you and help you carry out and document your work, while we all learn. Just saying!