The Wall

The walls of my addition are finally finished. We assigned all our mighty man power (consisting of three people plus one visitor) to built them in one day. You can see the beautiful outcome in the video below:

We are stealing marcin for a week from any further CEB development because we have some urgent issuses that cannot wait any more (heating, oil generator and much more). We are planning to make another round of resource development tomorrow, a good tractor and a bunch of solar pannels are our goal. If you have any leads, don’t hassitate to contact us.Good stuff is ahead of us. good stuff.

Thanks to Kat for all her hard work and good will. Hope to see you again soon!


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  1. maggie

    ΠРИЄВТ РОНИ you are a slacker. you haven’t written forever. next time i come on the blog i better see a new posting. ПАСА

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