Internet Relay Chat

Want to get involved in Open Source Ecology, but don’t know how?

Join us on IRC

With this online chatroom, we’ll try to have onsite Factor e Farm people on throughout the day dishing out updates from Factor E Farm, along with tasks ranging from CAD to video editing to research to sourcing parts. This will likely be a short experiment (1-2 weeks), but if it works out we’ll keep it going.

Long-term. We aim to bring collaboration into more of a real-time aspect between the workshop and the OSE community. We’ll try to have this running on our laptops here at the farm and check in as time allows. Later on we aim to integrate web cams, pico-projectors, augmented reality, production automation controls, reference materials… The works…

While you could chat anywhere, come here if you want to get some work done!

This is an experimental thing, so we’ll see how it goes. We’re trying to move our development speed to realtime.  If it works well, we’ll expand and integrate it tightly with our other online tools currently in development. Hey, if enough people join us, I’ll get our new spriffy pan-tilt servo webcam set up in the workshop so you guys can see what we’re doing live and look around. So yeah!

Looking forward to seeing you on IRC


  1. elifarley

    I can’t access that link from work.

    To circumvent this problem, just access it via (it’s the same chat room).

  2. James Clark

    Very nice tool. I have been in there for a few hours, and it seems like a great place to brainstorm ideas.

  3. J. Kent Hastings

    How about an OSE net using ham radio data modes? VHF, UHF, and microwave can be relayed plus FM voice and even television.

    On shortwave, computer sent and decoded Morse for the entry level license class would allow homebrewers to test their transceivers for distance.

    Both VHF+ and shortwave avoid phone and internet charges.

    OSE chats would be mostly non-commercial technical shop talk or political ideas that shouldn’t violate amateur rules. Only entrepreneurial ventures would require conventional channels.

    And it would escape an Internet kill switch.

  4. Nick

    Use the link above to easily join the conversation on IRC.

  5. elifarley

    Our IRC page now shows archived conversations at the left and live chat at the right, check it out:

    (Thanks Matthieu for creating the logging bot!)