Maker Faire

OSE is at Maker Faire! Watch the center stage live! Yesterday we were taking online questions for the speakers from the IRC and MakerFaire Live channels. Come watch some awesome speakers and...

Internet Relay Chat

Want to get involved in Open Source Ecology, but don’t know how? Join us on IRC With this online chatroom, we’ll try to have onsite Factor e Farm people on throughout the day dishing out updates from Factor E Farm, along with tasks ranging from CAD...

Production Run Update

Greetings from Factor e Farm. Life has been busy around here. We’re in the middle of a production run, so we’re working pretty much round the clock. What’s cool is that as we’re building things, we’re finding all these things...


Hello everyone! I’m Chris Fornof, the newest member of the awesomeness that is Open Source Ecology! We've been busy!