Happy New Year!

From post-scarcity communities, open business models, open source tractors, land stewardship, to starting some serious building this year – here’s the latest:

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Remember that we’re not there yet – the village still needs to be built. One year after initiating the True Fans campaign, we are at 60 subscribers, and you can read some of their comments here.

We used Kdenlive for the video edit above, which is the open source industry standard for video editing on Linux. I heard rumors that Kdenlive is better than iMovie on the Mac, and we’re migrating to Ubuntu Linux around here. This Kdenlive adventure was plagued with errors at every step, so here’s a transcript while we upgrade to the latest Ubuntu and Kdenlive:

Happy New Year, dear True Fans and all our supporters. What is the single most important highlight from 2009? The world’s first high performance, open source Compressed Earth Brick Press is now in production. Orders have already started, and we are currently working on streamlining production.

I think we’re just getting started here. Our immediate goal is a $10k/month budget. One route to that could be with CEB press production – 50 presses over the next year would do that.

This year we’ll be doing lots of building. We are currently modeling and designing the autonomous house prototypes for the village, and our goal is to build 4 CEB modules this year. We’ll be taking LifeTrac, the open source tractor to production, and we hope to do the first prototype of the combined heat power system based on pellet biomass, at the same time that we continue on the digital fabrication.

The visions of post scarcity communities are clarifying, and we’ll be putting together another proposal. This will turn to about a 100 page book, filled with essential post-scarcity substance. We’re including the technology work, community building, and land stewardhip. We’re also putting our land in a trust as a site of human heritage. I think we’ve got substance for generating significant support, plus the beginning of viral replication, and taking over the world – namely, with transition to post-scarcity, open source, resilient communities. Stay tuned, and evolve to freedom.

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