Dear True Fans: Land Stewardship


Dear True Fans,

The next major step to take for Factor e Farm is to put the land in a trust – for creating a permanent site of human heritage.  The goal of creating the world’s first, replicable, post-scarcity resilient community is more clear than ever. See the last presentation from the H+ Summit if you haven’t already.

The issue on land is practical and timely. Our goal is to establish a new model of land tenure based on a resource-based economy.  We’re giving our land away to a trust to protect the integrity of all that we stand for. What’s unique? Just the provisions for ensuring a resource-based economy model of operation in practice. What exactly does that mean?

The initial thought process behind the land trust was outlined in this blog post. Now we need to:

  1. Find a Board of Stewards (or Board of Directors), which oversees the functioning of the resilient community in-the-making, where this Board would help refine the governance document
  2. Find technical consultants who can help draft the corresponding legal language for a suitable legal vehicle for holding the land.

The qualifications for the Board of Stewards are at best that the potential candidate has ongoing experience with land stewardship, and deep interest in creating post-scarcity economies. Demonstrated leadership in strategic, ethical decision-making is a must. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Stewards, contact us so we can continue the discussion. The point is to build the common vision and trust that allows the Stewardship entity to function well. We will hold our next conference call on the land issue, and we will  come up with a plan of action for refining the governance, legal language, and make headway on identifying potential Board members. We would like to make significant headway, and possibly complete this process by identifying at least 3 qualified Board members – by end of February, 2010. Who of you are up to the challenge? Do you know people who could help?

Our goal is to create a global network of such resilient community nodes, by inviting others to participate in a simliar land-holding mechanism. The difficult part will be establishing governance, but we believe that private contract can succeed in defining roles and expectations. We think that the Board of Stewards must be an external oversight party, ethically sound and free from conflict of interest, and it must have absolute power to ensure integrity and continuity regardless of the day-to-day events on-site or political events outside.

Along with this call-out for assistance in drafting the governance document, we are also publishing the Lifetime Investor announcement to those who are interested in being full-time, on-site developers at Factor e Farm – those individuals who are the creators of the world’s first, replicable, post-scarcity resilient community. Please read the Lifetime Investor document and comment.lifetimeinvestor

This is a beginning of the discussion. What we’re doing here can have profound effects on the future. I think it’s time to nail down the land stewardship issue at this time.


  1. Inga

    What’s up? Your website has been down for a long time. Are the very low temperatures responsible? Don’t freeze to death!

  2. mimarob

    Hmm, I don’t think the actual server resides on FeF.


  3. Tom_L

    The above webpage has links to more info on community land trusts. I haven’t finished reading through it all, but what I’ve seen so far looks good.

    Please take a look – I think it is good stuff – if not fully spelled out (and thus easily replicable).

  4. Tom_L

    After reading through the articles, I’m less enthusiastic about the Community Land Trust approach – it doesn’t seem to be the model that I was hoping for. Still it is an option and one that I think is still worth looking at.