Fruit Tree Grafting and Raspberry Root Cuttings Details

The plant propagation workshop of last weekend did not offer a chance for good documentation of the process details, so here’s another take. We propagated 200 raspberries and about 50 peaches and apricots. We’ll need to feed a village.


  1. steve stamos

    “Root cuttings can be used to propagate a number of other plants – any plants that spread by rhizomes or have thick roots.”

    Interesting information. A good excuse to try this out as a new projects in my garden.

    Thank you
    Steve Stamos

  2. Jordan

    What i would love help with is propagation of prunus and malus rootstocks from cuttings. I’m working on sourcing dwarfing rootstocks that will be suitable to my area and I’d like to be able to propagate them from cuttings for grating and distribution to the community. i don’t know if the ones i have in mind will work from seed. any help would be greatly appreciated.