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Fruit Tree Grafting and Raspberry Root Cuttings Details

The plant propagation workshop of last weekend did not offer a chance for good documentation of the process details, so here’s another take. We propagated 200 raspberries and about 50 peaches and apricots. We’ll need to feed a village.

Fruit Propagation Workshop

Yesterday we held the Plant Propagation Workshop. It snowed the same day, but inside the greenhouse, we propagated raspberries from root cuttings, and grafted apple and peach trees. We used a grafting tool to do the latter: Here is the transcript of the...

Factor e Live Distillations – Part 7 – Local Food Systems

In today’s episode, we discuss the OSE program for agriculture. What did we learn so far, and how can we apply this to creating local food systems? We are proposing the integration of perennial agriculture, living gene bank, open source equipment,...