Distributive Enterprise

I am applying for the Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship. If successful, this brings in $360k of resources to the project by March, 2012. Listen to this personal intro for the Fellowship, discussing the concept of Distributive Enterprise:


  1. anon

    I wish you good luck!

    Also that wiki page has a small typo in the last section.

    “I will secure $540 of investment”

    the $540 is missing a ‘k’

  2. ken morton

    Of all the videos you have produced in the last several years that I’ve seen, I think this one is the best for getting attention and buy-in because it starts with a situation people can easily understand and identify with, shows that you have a workable plan for solving a problem that everyone recognizes but “the powers” don’t and can’t address, and ends with a sweeping vision. I have been sending links to family and friends for years; this one “hooked” one of them.

  3. […] (OSE), as the Fellowship provides a total of $360k of direct funding for the project.  I have blogged about my application 3 months ago, and you can see my application on the OSE wiki for […]