Dear True Fans: Brick Pressing in Full Swing

We are now pressing 5 bricks per minute at half the rated power of the CEB machine. Big weekend coming up this Saturday, as we have a work crew of 25 coming. We hope to complete the 4000 square foot workshop – 20 columns total as shown in our Kickstarter. We will stack 5000+ bricks on pallets for that day.Subscribe to the Factor e Farm Google Group for further announcements.

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  1. David


    Big fan (and a true one too). I saw this on craigslist out in Ohio. I don’t know exactly what they are doing to make it, but i imagine its sawdust or some other wood byproduct. Could the CEBP produce stuff like this? Also, do you have any idea if the earth bricks could be used to build into a vaulted oven capable of supporting some serious insulation?