CEB Controller Box Wiring Instructional Video

Video of CEB controller box electronic boards hookup:

(See transcript at the wiki)

Hi, I’m Rebecca Rojer, and I’m one week into my month-long stay at Factor e Farm for a Dedicated Project Visit in documentation. I’ll be picking up where the talented Ian Midgley left off, working on documentation for the Christmas Gift To The World as well as a recruitment video for the OSE Dream Team.

The two videos above are the first deliverables of my DPV. I’ve also put the transcripts of the videos on the wiki, for those of you who prefer to follow along with text. Being an image person myself, when helpful I will try to make diagrams to supplement these instructionals. Here’s my interpretation of the CEB Controller Box wiring:

Stay tuned for more videos!


  1. ebell

    Looking good, great to see some srs production effort on these.

  2. László Monda

    Your method burns the rosin before making a joint which can result in cold joints. Also, using something other than a lowest end soldering iron could dramatically improve results.

    This is one of the best tutorials available on the subject:

  3. László Monda

    Also, there’s part 2, just to be able to see some real action 🙂

  4. […] the CEB Press electronics improved to the third major iteration, replacing Generation 2 electronics from September of this year. Generation 3 electronics consist of a revised solenoid driver […]