Nonprofit Fundraising


Hello friends,

it is time to make a fundraising team and raise $1M from the non-profit sector, mostly foundations, till June 1, 2012. With commitment and the right people this is quite possible! Till October 28 we will find at least 50 foundations and for 1 week after that we will send 30 grant proposals. Then review our work and continue the fundraising cycle. If you have fundraising experience, good communications skills or you have some helpful ideas, please read in the Fundraising Strategy how to contact us and join the team. Let’s start!

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  1. Colby

    I was speaking with Marcin about this the other day. Feel free to contact me during this process. I’m not sure what your list includes, but look at Skoll Global Threats, Omidyar Network, Kauffman, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Long Now etc. Email me and I can think of some better options, and forward to some individuals.