Cordwood Addition Complete

I always imagined that when I am going to be in my mid sixties, i’ll retire to the woods and live in a small wood shack out in nature. Well, why wait?

Here is my lovely little shack:

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This is the first day of the building. Here I decided on the future size of my place and marked it with rebar. The tunnel you can see is the drainage ditch for the drainage tube.

Here you can see considerable progress, with many logs already laid and both of the windows are in place.

Most of the logs are in place and now we move to building the roof.

The wood strips are screwed on. Snow and rain can’t stop us.

Next stage is putting the carpet and polyethylene plastic on top of the strips. All in all, it’s a sandwich of poly-carpet-poly-carpet. It’s standard procedure.

In order to have some kind of biomass that will absorb and keep the heat, we throw on a bunch of hay cover it with dirt. It will be a living roof next year.

Here you can see the beautiful interior. Two socks are being dried near the stove after a long day of labor. The fact that we stuccoed most of the cracks and holes with a mixture of sand, mud and hay; plus the biomass on top of the roof, make my place very warm. Cityfolk are paying hundreds for this kind of heat. I once made a sauna in my room while outside it was less than 20 Fahrenheit. Wood stoves are great.

That’s all. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. About two months of hard labor were needed. Although I put in most of the effort on this project, many people helped during the construction. First thanks goes to Marshal and the Lawrence gang that came and boosted the beginning of the operation. Then a big thanks to Jeff and Andrius for donating a day of mixing. Thanks for Kat the came to help, not once but twice. You rock! And last but surely not least, thanks to Brittany for helping to make this plan into reality by constantly helping me, and Marcin who cleared some time for me, thus delaying his world changing efforts.

Happy new year!

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