It was great. I learned a lot. Thanks for everything. I hope we will see each other again.

Cordwood Addition Complete

I always imagined that when I am going to be in my mid sixties, i’ll retire to the woods and live in a small wood shack out in nature. Well, why wait? Here is my lovely little shack: You can view more pictures and more information by clicking below.

The Wall

The walls of my addition are finally finished. We assigned all our mighty man power (consisting of three people plus one visitor) to built them in one day. You can see the beautiful outcome in the video below: We are stealing marcin for a week from any...

Logs and Thoughts

I have been cutting lumber for my new little house almost for two weeks now. It is hard and extremely slow. Every few days we have to change a chain or the whole chainsaw all together. Look at this picture: Isn’t it beautiful? This house is being...

Small Farms Conference

Today was another tree cutting day for me. I cut about twenty trees, and adding yesterday’s work, it may be enough. Hopefully, tomorrow we will drag the the trees into the field and then I’ll split them into logs. I think an optimistic goal...

Online presence.

Finally, our website is on. See the miracle at:  it is a constant work in progress. I hope you would enjoy it. -Ronny

The Volunteers Experiment.

Hey, Yesterday’s post was delayed because I got a nasty food poisoning. Canned beans are sure a big no no for me. More over, I spent all yesterday on cutting woods with our chainsaw and almost cut my left leg off. I actually sliced through my black...

Logs and cookies

  Howdy,  We worked hard for the last to days in order to show you guys the picture above. The addition is almost complete. A half day’s work and it will shine like a diamond. It really made me reconsider my plans about my future humble...

The greatest construction in human history.

True enough. It took two days, without any knowledge or preparation – but we did it. Sabrina and I constructed this magnificent piece of advanced architecture that will hopefully stand through test of time and nature. Surely, future generations...