Best of TED 2011: Global Village Construction Set is #6

The Global Village Construction Set TED talk has been selected as the Best of TED 2011 top 6 in the Huffington Post. Read Isaiah Saxon’s followup blog post. You can also comment there (407 comments as of this writing). There is also a #18ideas you can use if you want to share via Twitter. It is an honor to share the Open Source Ecology paradigm with the world.



  1. dorkmo

    feels like such a long time ago, hard to believe that was this year

  2. Fxtronic

    Congratulation to all ¦-}> great job this 2012 we ll help more on difution 😀

  3. […] 2 years. This is important because TED provides major publicity.  My talk was featured as #6 in Best of TED for 2011, and the talk already has 671,000 views. The TED Senior Fellowship offers further speaking […]