Will’s One Month Report

So I’ve been here at Factor e Farm for 1 month. I am living and breathing the Open Source Ecology lifestyle and working on different projects. When I arrived at the start of May I had a little Q&A session with Marcin to talk about ideas, visions and how I was going to help out. In this short video we talk about the last months progress and what we look forward to achieving in the next month.


  1. Edward Miller

    Thanks so much for the video documentation. It is an essential part of openness.

    Look forward to visiting the farm again soon!

  2. […] William has been here for 2 months already, and here’s his second Dedicated Project Visit report. Don’t miss this video if you want to see 3D models and a time-lapse video of LifeTrac II – the second prototype of the open source tractor – coming together. […]