User Interface Designers for Better True Fans Campaign

We are planning to improve the True Fans campaign through implementing the 5 motivators of giving as shared by Taylor Conroy in his TED talk:

  • Group mentality – as a True Fan you can share with everybody why you support OSE in your Recognition page as video and text. You will be able to see the videos and texts of all other True Fans. Your friends who are also True Fans will be shown on your Recognition page. Your photo and that of other True Fans will be randomly shown in all pages so that everybody can view your Recognition page. If you are new True Fan, you will be shown as such on the main True Fans page and your Recognition Page will be shared in the OSE social network – Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tangible Outcome – by becoming a True Fan you are supporting and boosting tangible outcomes like: 8 prototypes finished, on-site participants exploding, remote collaboration exploding, production of high quality documentation, trainings of people able to replicate the machines. Side effects of your contribution are formation of new ecological low-cost open source construction businesses, True Fans exploding, website hits exploding, media attention exploding.
  • Microgiving – you, your friends and thousands of other people are contributing a small amount of money, $10 per month = 33 cents per day, which moves the project immensely forward and creates more tangible outcomes.
  • Personal connection – you can invite your friends personally with a video and text message to support the project.
  • Recognition – you will have your own Recognition Page where you can share with everybody why you support OSE in a video and text. You will receive an OSE embeddable badge linking to your Recognition page which you can embed in your website. Your OSE badge will be visualized with all other OSE badges on the website.

You can see the flow of interactions in the following illustration.

More details can be found in the Microfunding Proposal on the Wiki.

For the successful completion of this project we need 3-4 web developers ready to commit to this Dedicated Remote Collaboration. Experience with PHP frameworks is very desirable. Please add yourself to the Team and if you have any questions or need more details send email to Nikolay Georgiev.


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