I just got back from the SupporTED Collaboratorium. This is what it’s about:


It was my honor and privilege to attend as one of 9 TED Fellows, a peak moment. This is my debrief at minute 13:15 of this clip:


My transformation? A reminder that I am here to change the world. It came from being surrounded by giants sharing in an epic journey – cracking me open to speaking more deeply from the heart on the true message of this work – while re-framing the operational points. Point: if I can actually communicate what this is about – that would be pure power. There is a deep personal story behind my journey, and I will work on that in the coming weeks. I’ve got commitments from those who can help. My coaches and I truly synergized. The fun part about TED-related events is that people don’t laugh about my ideas, but ask instead when and how they will be done.

See the wiki entry on this event including some of the presentations. See my feedback sent to the organizers for more tidbits.


  1. anon

    Marcin, I’m 100% behind your ideas. I’m not sure what your history is, but what you’re doing is certainly not something to be laughed at. It’s an amazing effort to actually change the world significantly, it deals with the root cause of most problems in capitalism rather than just treating the symptoms. It has the potential to eventually rid the world of poverty and inequality.

    I’m glad TED has re-energized you and I wish you the best of luck.

  2. J Bruni

    I got here from Shuttleworth Foundation website. I am about to produce my 5 minutes video required for fellowship application…

    The “people don’t laugh about my ideas, but ask instead when and how they will be done” snippet really touched me.

    Good luck! Let’s move on transforming this world for better!

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