Torch Table: Day 1

As we go about finishing the CEB workshop addition, we are setting up our open source torch table development in the greenhouse. It’s been a long time since we started this development – but building the open source tractor and other details took priority over the torch table.

We discussed the computer-controlled torch table in a prior post about our digital fabrication facility for producing The Liberator – the open source, high performance CEB press. After almost one year of CEB infrastructure development and testing – we are back to the fabrication aspect – as we get ready to produce Prototype 2 of The Liberator.


  1. Lucas

    video link does’t work

  2. Mark

    My post didn’t show up?

  3. Agroblogger

    Allright, so good to see you doing this! This is still one that nags at me from time to time, I can’t wait to see it when you get it up and running.

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  5. […] returned to the torch table after the long hiatus since the December 9 blog post on the topic. CEB press digital fabrication is the goal. My goal is to spend noon to six PM every […]