The MicroHouse Goes Up

The MicroHouse Goes Up

An idea for a small, energy-efficient, low-cost sustainable house


that could be built using OSE machines

became a carefully laid out plan, devised in modules.

With the help of energetic and dedicated volunteers,

2513 pressed-earth bricks and a mere six days later,

(as you can see for yourself—just watch those walls grow!)


the MicroHouse has become a success story. We need to finish the roof and the interior now. Here, we tackle the exterior plastering…

More to follow and much to finish, but right now, it’s hands to work! For a day-by-day account of the action—pictures, plans, schematics, and videos included—see Chris Reinhart’s log. Even as he has helped to nurture the MicroHouse project along from planning to execution, Chris has done a terrific job of documenting many, many details of interest to anyone taking a serious look at the MicroHouse.

As we say goodbye to Chris, promising to put the finishing touches on the MicroHouse, we’d like to extend our thanks and our enthusiastic applause! The same goes for all of our other MicroHouse volunteers—John Motloch, Seth Jenkins, Thomas Devick, Noah Devick, Rob Beddingfield, James Wise, Catherine Austin Fitts, Cody Harrison, Dan Benamy, and DPV Lucas Werner. Lucas topped off his work on the LifeTrac 6 by putting it to work pulverizing soil for the CEB Press, in order to make the bricks for the MicroHouse. The new CEB Press, for which we owe DPV James Slade much credit, has been key to the success of the MicroHouse build. It turns out excellent bricks, which can be lifted straight off the production line and put into place on a wall.

Stay tuned for more about the MicroHouse!


  1. Leo Hogg

    Great to see how your project has progressed. Could the CEB press be used to compress sawdust into firebricks for burning in a woodstove?

  2. hope

    It looks very promising! Thanks for all you have done! Please, do not stop.