The 6-in-60 Report, the New CEB Press, and a Call for DPVs

Summing Up the 6-in-60

The 6-in-60 Production Report video is as close as you can get to the 6-in-60 Campaign without your safety glasses. And it’s one to share. Watch as the Open Source Ecology team, including Dedicated Project Visitors (DPVs)  and students from Berea College, work to make six new machines in the Global Village Construction Set a reality. Like all truly powerful stories, this one isn’t over. We continue to build on our successes and to ensure that others can, and we refine our processes as we learn from experience. Join us for a look back at the 6-in-60 and for the exciting work that lies ahead!


CEB Press: A New Controller

Open Source Ecology’s Compressed Earth Brick Press turns ordinary earth into bricks. It can press enough bricks in a day for the construction of a small, solid house at a very low cost. James Slade, with the assistance of Dedicated Project Visitor (DPV) Jonathan Miller, has been leading the reengineering of the Compressed Earth Brick Press and the Soil Pulverizer to effect key improvements in its design.

Previous versions of the brick press controller used position sensors which proved difficult to adjust. To address this issue, James built the next-generation brick press controller with a pressure switch that measures pressure only and screws right into solenoid valve.

The CEB Press Controller

In the video clip that follows, James talks through last-minute fixes and refinements, and he and Jonathan fire up the CEB Press 3 for a test.


LifeTrac 6 Design Nears Completion

Product Lead Gary DeMercurio reports that the design for the LifeTrac 6 should be ready for a final analytical review next week. The basic frame design has been completed. Lucas Warner, a former OSE intern who played a key role in the LifeTrac 5 build with Our School at Blair Grocery, returned to Factor e Farm this week to lead the LifeTrac 6 build as a Product Facilitator. The LifeTrac 6 will directly support the MicroHouse build scheduled for September 28.

Looking Ahead: An Invitation to Dedicated Project Visitors

OSE is in need of DPVs in September and October to support the LifeTrac 6 development and prototype build, the 50 HP Power Cube effort, and the construction of the MicroHouse. Dedicated Project Visitors are key to moving the mission of Open Source Ecology forward. If you are interested in becoming a DPV at Factor e Farm, please visit our Dedicated Project Visits page  and contact Technical Community Manager Audrey Rampone with any questions you may have. You may also want to take a peek at OSE’s evolving development process.

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