TED Day 4

That’s Salman of the Khan Academy speaking on the left. Camille (in the rightmost picture) is a TED Fellow and polar photographer, shown with Al.

The Global Village Construction Set was mentioned in Inc. Magazine as one of the start-ups bubbling up at TED. There was also this article on How the TED Fellows Program Develops Leaders. Furthermore, check out this Guardian article about us.

Here’s Tom, director of the TED Fellows Program, at the Meet the Fellows luncheon, discussing the program:

And here is a video of the still images of the new Fellows:


  1. micha

    congratulations!! this is really great opportunity! i’ll keep holding thumbs and know that you will make the best of it!
    all the best wishes!

  2. Eleftherios Kosmas

    Way to go Marcin. I hope we will see OSE featured in mainstreem media more often and all over the world in the future. Keep up the GREAT WORK.

  3. Eddie Miller

    Heya Marcin! Congratulations!

    Hopefully you will have a big check waiting on you to continue your work back in Missouri. We are loving the plans (making drawings for our machinists now), and documentation you provide. Good work and, I’ll be sure to let David Orr know if you mention other foundations you are in dialogue with. It’s a process, be ready for it..