Strategic Development

We are pleased to announce that Adrian Hong is joining the OSE core team as Strategic Advisor.

Adrian is a Senior TED Fellow and a new friend from the TED Conference.

Mr. Hong will be advising Open Source Ecology on strategy, helping explore and structure business and non-profit legal structures, ensuring OSE’s designs will be protected and free, and helping vet partnerships and relations with sponsors, supporters, governments and institutions, in pursuit of OSE’s mission of being open to all.

We are discussing overall enterprise strategy, and some notes on that are found here. Adrian will be working with Julia Valentine, who is joining our team as Resource Developer. See our notes on resource development strategy here.

We have received some positive press lately – such as this excellent report from Forbes. Moreover, also appears to like our work:

Distributive economic development may be the next trillion dollar industry. Unlike robber barons of yesteryear, the new paradigm is all about distributing economic power. Evidence is available that this is inevitable:

  1. The cost of information sharing is zero.
  2. Information is power.
  3. There are many advantages to an open source system, such as a proprietary system not having a 24/7 development cycle across the globe.

Isn’t that encouraging? Let’s end artificial material scarcity by 2016.

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