Pickled Deer

About a week ago we had the fortune of being given a lot of dear meat by our neighbour. As it happens we did not have enough fridge or freezer space to freeze the meat so we decided to adopt a different approach. We got out some canning jars, cleaned them out and then proceeded to prepare the meat for storage. We actually heard about this from Goerge Gordon’s talkshow.

To prepare the meat, we cut the meat up into chunks and put it into a big saucepan (about 1-inch squared chunks). Then we filled the saucepan with water so as to just cover the meat and put the saucepan on the stove. We boiled the meat until it was well cooked through and then drained all the water off (we kept the water that was now a delicious gravy for future meals). We then packed the cooked meat into the jars adding generous amounts of salt along the way and once each jar was full we then added vinegar to the brim and sealed the jar tight.

In the photo below you can see the finished product along with ingredients used to prolong storage time.

In the background, you also see a hunk of whole wheat Factor e Bread peeking out at you. It’s an addition to our culinary homebrews.


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  2. Smart E. Pants

    Sooo. you made some Dilled Does. hehe